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Anna Novak - Owner & Artist
(Tattooing since 2013)

For many years, miming was Anna's first and only love. There is just no greater thrill than knocking on "windows" and walking down "stairs". Though her career as a mime ended because of extreme industry politics, her love for wearing black has never faded.

Anna's interests are many and varied -

dance, death, nature, and magic.

She enjoys the strange and unusual,

and would very much like to pet your dog.

She and her husband are also the owners of

The Bad Company: Cannabis Apothecary

Anna Novak tattoo artist
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Anna's Tattoo Preferences

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  • Subject matter with dark or spooky themes, especially witches or goddesses

  • Subject matter including flora, fauna, and/or whimsy

  • Detailed linework and fine line projects

  • Intense color and neo-traditional style

  • Fandom projects 

Not for me:

  • Racist, hateful, or bigoted themes

  • Religious imagery such as praying hands, rosary, cross, etc.

  • Gears, biomech, cars, helicopters, etc.

  • Graffiti lettering

  • Military themes

  • Realism portraits


Please remember that each artist books individually. Response times may vary!

Booking is done by appointment only.

Let me know what you are interested in, so we can see if we are a good fit!


Inquiries will be reviewed on the first three days of each month. 

Preference will be given to ongoing projects, as well as ideas which fit Anna's preferred themes. 

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