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Charlene Torres - Artist
(Tattooing since 2022)

Charlene's first job was as a circus clown, but after a great catastrophe involving the clown canon, it was time she settle into a more serious lifestyle. 

Charlene started her apprenticeship in October 2022, and has been tattooing since March 2023. She finds great joy in interior design, painting, photography, and her rambunctious little one. Charlene is the mom to our shop baby, Milo. She also has two cats, House Hippo and Orange Juice.

Charlene Torres tattoo artist
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Charlene's Tattoo Preferences

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  • Anything silly or cute as hell

  • Plants & flowers

  • Spooky

  • Stamps or decorative designs

Not for me:

  • Racist, hateful, or bigoted themes

  • Men (kidding, sort of)

  • Tribal

  • Big blackouts

Let’s Work Together

Please remember that each artist books individually. Response times may vary!

Booking is typically done by appointment only.

You might get lucky if you stop in, but it's best to plan ahead!

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