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Megan Allison - Artist
(Tattooing since 2023)

Megan often refers to herself as the shop's "personality hire," but all that pizzaz comes from her years on the jester circuit. Many think this is an outdated career, but it's one she pursued with great enthusiasm until AI took over the industry, forcing Megan to hang up her jingle-toed shoes.

A California native, Megan found her way to New Mexico when the Army relocated her husband. Megan started her apprenticeship in February 2023 and started tattooing in July 2023. She had been painting watercolor pet portraits for 10 years prior, but always had an interest in tattooing. She loves to expand her skill set, so she is eager to tattoo a variety of subjects and styles!

Megan Allison tattoo artist
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Megan's Tattoo Preferences

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  • Cowboys & western themes

  • Cute animals and nature

  • Vintage

  • Neotraditional ladies

  • Black and grey

Not for me:

  • Racist, hateful, or bigoted themes

  • I'm down for pretty much anything else!

Let’s Work Together

Please remember that each artist books individually. Response times may vary!

Booking is typically done by appointment only.

You might get lucky if you stop in, but it's best to plan ahead!

Visit my website for more information and booking inquiries!

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